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Right now I am sure I am not the only parent ready to pull their hair out due to their kids jumping off the walls. We are only about half way through winter where I am at in Western Massachusetts. It has been a very loooong winter with out of control freezing temperatures & really bad snowstorms resulting in us having to stay indoors a lot.

I am a mom of 6 kids and right now I am thankful that we had moved into our house this past year because we probably would be missing a kid or two by now if we still lived in our 3 bedroom apartment (j/k… kinda lol). With February vacation around the corner & most likely another 6 weeks of winter weather, I have found these awesome ideas to help ease the cabin fever in my home we can do together or individually:

  • Bake brownies, cookies or cupcakes
  • Build a model or other craft/project
  • Build a snowman or fort after a big snow storm
  • Do a family game night or movie night
  • Do those fun crafts you have had saved on Pinterest for the past year
  • Do a treasure hunt
  • Get those to do list projects for inside your home done
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Have your kids actually clean their room (a great response to their favorite “b” word)
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Learn something new as a family or individually
  • Make a meal for an elderly neighbor
  • Make an obstacle course in your living room/play room
  • Make Your Own Pizza
  • Plan a day trip where you can get out of the house & do something fun together
  • Take a long shower or enjoy a nice hot bubble bath
  • Watch home movies

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What Do You Do to Cure Cabin Fever with Your Kids?

Comment below activities/ideas that work for you or excited to try.

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