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Espira by Avon and a Healthier You

A new year has begun which means many of us are looking for tips, information & how to’s on how to live a healthier lifestyle in 2018. New Avon, LLC is proud to announce their *NEW” health & wellness line, Espira, is now available beginning in Campaign 3’2018.

For over 130 years, Avon has worked to help women look & feel beautiful & confident by having them embrace their own beauty & offering a way for them to gain financial independence. To continue with tradition, Avon has added it’s *NEW* health & wellness line, Espira, to help women (and men) nurture their health & well-being.


Using Supplements for a Healthier You

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Dietary supplements are a popular method that people use to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. According to Noor Vitamins (2017), “In [the] United states, one-third of the population is taking dietary supplementations — for one reason or the other.” Living a healthier life is one of the most popular trends with more & more people making healthier choices like minimizing their fast food intake, exercising on a regular basis and not having bad habits, like smoking.

Benefits of Using Supplements

“Even if you are eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, the fact is that issues like transportation, storage and food preservation can impact them in a negative way. Also today we grow foods differently to increase output. As a result, your foods may not have the same level of nutrition in them as those eaten by your ancestors” (Independent Vital Life, LLC, 2016).  Here are a few benefits you can enjoy, when using supplements correctly:

Avon Espira Boost System Pills

  • Provide nutrients that your body may be lacking in your diet or due to an illness
  • Certain supplements can help correct a deficiency, for example taking iron supplemental pills when you have an iron deficiency.
  • Can be used to help health conditions or risk factors like maintaining a good cholesterol level.
  • Help protect your body from the natural effects of stress.
  • Boost your body’s natural defenses & give you a stronger immune system.
  • Boost your body’s defense against premature aging.

As you can see, adding supplements to your daily life can help you look & feel healthier.


Tips on Choosing the Right Supplement

Just like with anything, it is important that you choose the right supplement that will best meet your body’s needs. Another thing to keep in mind, is that not every brand’s supplements are the same. “The truth is that for every good, valuable and effective supplement there is on the market,  there’s probably about ten bad ones” (Meghan Telpner, 2017).

Here are some tips so you choose the right supplements for you:

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  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. This will help ensure that you are taking supplements that your body truly is lacking on a regular basis.
  • “Cheaper supplements most often contain fillers and additives that may do more harm to our health than any nutritional value the pill could supply” (Meghan Telpner, 2017).
  • Brand name may not necessarily mean it is the right supplement for you. It is important to keep in mind dosage, amount of times you need to take it daily & what is in the supplement.
  • Choose multivitamins that best meet your age & gender. What is needed for your day to day functions will be different as you age as well as what a man needs compared to a woman.
  • Make sure the manufacturer & distributor are from a reputable company. Health & wellness in recent years has sky rocketed in the business world resulting in many making false claims & causing more harm then good.
  • Check the ingredients on the label. If they contain any artificial flavoring or dye or preservatives, they are most likely not the best choice.
  • Supplements are not made to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”. Any claims of “‘works better than [a prescription drug],’ ‘totally safe,’ or has ‘no side effects.’ are too good to be true according to the FDA (2017).

It is important to read labels, do your research and most importantly speak with your provider with any questions or concerns you may have. Supplements are designed to be an additional way of getting the nutrients your body needs, NOT A REPLACEMENT for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.


Espira by Avon

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Whether you are looking to fill in a nutritional gap, getting a boost of natural energy or looking for a radiant glow, there is something for everyone. Espira is a line of supplements that use only the highest quality of whole foods, Superfoods & naturally sourced ingredients that were clinically studied to ensure maximum results you can see & feel. Espira was exclusively created for Avon by leading nutrition industry experts that kept you, the consumer’s, lifestyle in mind. Espira products have been categorized by the 3 core wellness needs- Boost, Glow & Restore.

Espira by Avon Product Update

Avon has announced that select Espira products will be discontinued in 2019 in order to streamline line their product line to make room for new collections, make it easier for customers to shop and to help Avon’s top selling products shine.

For more information, check out 2019 List of Discontinued Avon Products.

Avon’s Espira Promise

Avon Espira‘s ingredients match extensive clinical research proven by science to bring you a complete program where you can see results that will change your life.

  • Made with the highest quality, naturally sourced whole foods & SUPERFOODS.
  • NON-GMO ingredients
  • NO preservatives
  • NO artifical colors & flavors
  • Created by leading Nutrition Industry Experts


Boost Collection

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When you have natural energy, you thrive. We’re not talking about the artifical kick you get from a cup of coffee or sugar rush- this is vitality that comes from within. Experience a different kind of energy that will fuel you through the day without letting you down.

Espira Hunger Block ($25): Reduce your food cravings for hours with a safe & naturally sourced super fiber that can absorb up to 50x’s its weight in water, making you feel full & satisfied.

*NEW* Hydration Supplement ($18):  Supercharge your water for optimal hydration and more energy, stamina and vitality. Each packet contains the ideal balance of electrolytes, minerals, B vitamins and antioxidants making it the perfect drink mix for your daily routine—just add to water. Each box comes with 20 packets. Available in Lemon-Lime, Berry and Orange.

Espira Ideal Cleanse ($20): Cleanse your body gently in just 3 days with a gentle, natural regimen to reboot your digestive system & reset your metabolism. Contains 2 sets of capsules- AM & PM for you to take 2X a day- each designed with its purpose to cleanse your body.

Espira Metabolism Boost ($25): Boost your energy with safe, naturally sourced plant-based ingredients including green tea, guarana & cocoa beans. Stimulates metabolism resulting in increased calorie burning so you feel more energetic. Contains caffeine. 60 vegetarian capsules.

Espira Metabolism Boost System ($126): Get a healthier, revitalized you in 30 days with Espira Metabolism Boost System, designed to get you to a healthier, more energized you. This $140 value collection includes an Espira Ideal Cleanse, an Espira Metabolism Boost, an Espira Hunger Block & 2 15 day canisters of Espira Plant Power Protein (1 in vanilla & 1 in chocolate).

Espira Natural Energy ($25): Increase your energy & mental focus. Long lasting energy from clinically studied concentrates of green tea & whole coffee fruit extracts.

Espira Plant Power Protein ($35): Fuel up with 21 grams of pure, natural plant protein with only 120 calories per serving. Be provided with all the essential amino acids required for muscle repair & recovery and fruit enzymes that make it easy to digest. Available in Vanilla or Chocolate in 10 Single Serving Packs or 15 Serving Cansister.

For recipes on how to make protein shakes with Espira Plant Power Protein, check out Protein Shake Recipes with Espira by Avon.

*NEW* Espira Power Greens ($30 each): Are you not getting the daily recommended amount of vegetables? Add a salad to your shake with a low-calorie, nutrient-rich power blend of 50 organic greens and superfoods that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will help support your overall health and well-being.


Glow Collection

Rejuvenation for hair, skin & nails starts here with Avon’s dual action system, helping you look better than ever! Protect & rebuild in the morning, then restore & repair on a cellular level while you sleep.

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Espira Beauty Inside & Out System ($54 per set): True beauty starts on the inside! When you use Espira Am Protect & Espira PM Restore together, the ingredients will enhance your overall appearance of hair, skin & nails.

Espira AM Protect ($15): Formulated with antioxidants & nutritional building blocks that are clinically proven to protect skin from UV exposure while helping build healthy hair, skin & nails.

Espira PM Restore ($15): Formulated with an antioxidant & bioactive collagen peptides that stimulate your body’s natural mechanism for building new collagen for younger, healthier looking skin.


Restore Collection

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When the day gets really hectic and your plate is full, you may feel a little off balance. Avon now gives you the benefit of healthy, whole foods & the relaxation both your body & mind need to regain your focus and give you the stamina to feel great & keep moving forward!

Espira Calm ($18): Formulated with patented & clinically tested Sensoril, an herbal ingredient that works together with a combination of Vitamin B complex & green tea compounds, to help you fight the negative effects of stress & maintain an alert state of mind throughout your day.

Espira Daily Essentials ($30 each): Never worry about forgetting to take your essential vitamins with these take anywhere packets so you receive a complete nutritional foundation for your body & fill in the gaps in your diet. Each packet contains a multivitamin, a full spectrum Omega-3 capsule & a plant based antioxidant protection pill. Available in Women’s & Men’s.

Espira Kids Multivitamins ($10 each): Contains 100% of the daily value of 20 vitamins and minerals + a unique blend of fruits and vegetables to help fill those nutritional gaps in children’s diets. Enjoy knowing your are giving teeth friendly, Non-GMO ingredients, no sugar, no artificial flavors and no preservatives with 30 Very Berry flavored tablets. Free of allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, soy, shellfish, fish and wheat. 

Espira Multi-Vitamin ($12 each): Fill in the nutritional gaps with 20+ essential vitamins & minerals plus phytonutrients & whole food concentrates to ensure your body will get the nutritional support & healthy requirements it needs. Available in Women’s, Women’s 40+ and Men’s.

Espira Restful Sleep ($18): Sleep well & wake up refreshed with combination of melatonin & natural botanicals such as hops, chamomile & passion flower that will help relax your mind. Also includes magnesium which promotes muscle relaxation for your body.

Statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Espira by Avon products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


How to Choose the Right Espira for You

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To help you choose the best Espira by Avon vitamin supplement(s) for your health goals & body, the FREE Vitamin Finder Quiz, found on www.youravon.com/jantunes, will provide you recommendations based on your answers.

You can, at that time, purchase the recommended Espira products. If you are logged onto your customer profile, your results will automatically be saved so you can view them at a future date, making it easier for you to know what to purchase in the future.

Don’t have an Avon Customer Profile? Click Here.to register for a FREE customer profile and begin enjoying all the benefits of shopping Avon online.


How to Purchase Espira by Avon Products

There are 3 ways you can purchase Avon Espira products:

  1. Contact your local Avon representative or email Jen Antunes at avonantunes@gmail.com.
  2. Shop online at www.youravon.com/jantunes & enjoy FREE SHIPPING on any $40+ order. To learn how you can save on your next Avon online order & free shipping offers, check out Avon Online Coupon Codes
  3. Sign up for Avon’s Auto Replenish program & have your favorite Espira products automatically shipped to you every 4, 6 or 8 weeks + receive a 10% OFF discount & FREE SHIPPING on your $40+ Espira Auto Replenish subscription. Click Here to learn more about Espira Auto Replenish program.


satisfaction guaranteeAvon’s Espira products features a custom formulation proven to work & is supported by Avon’s 100% Money Back Guarantee. Some Espira products you may feel the difference right away while others may take up to 30 days. With Avon’s 90 Day Guarantee, you will have plenty of time to see if your purchased   products are right for you & meet your expectations. If, for whatever reason, you would like to return any of your purchased Espira products, you will be refunded 100% of your money back within 90 days from the purchase date.

Learn more about Avon’s online store 100% money back guarantee at www.youravon.com/jantunes.

Contact your local Avon representative for his/her return policies on representative delivery purchases.


How to Earn Money with Espira by Avon

Health & wellness is the fastest growing category in the direct sales industry! With 77% of U.S. women taking dietary supplements

As an Avon Representative, you can reach a large customer base and earn money with products that will sell themselves in a business that you can work into your day to day life.

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. JOIN AVON: Become an Avon representative by joining online at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes. Get everything you need to start your very own Avon business with your choice of 3 starter kits starting at $25. Learn more about Avon starter kits & how you can start a successful Avon business, check out Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Avon Starter Kit Tips for New Representatives.
  2. SHARE: Hand out Avon brochures & share your FREE Online Store with everyone you know & come across in your daily life. See how you can grow your business with Avon brochures by checking out Avon Selling Tips: Selling Avon with Brochures.
  3. EARN: Work where & when you want and automatically earn 40% on ALL sales in your first campaign + earn over $1000 in your first 90 days by building a successful Avon business with Avon’s Kickstart Incentive program, which is designed to help you build your business at a steady pace. For tips on how to take advantage of Avon’s Kickstart incentive program, check out Avon Selling Tips: 2017 Kickstart for New Representatives Tips.

For more information on selling Avon as an Avon representative, check out Avon FAQ’s.



If you have any questions or comments about this blog or Espira by Avon, please comment below or email Jen Antunes at avonantunes@gmail.com.



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