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Avon Monthly Raffle with Jen Antunes: January 2018

One of the benefits customers enjoy when they shop Avon with Jen Antunes is the opportunity to win a FREE prize each month through the Monthly Raffle. For every $25 of Avon products ordered with Jen Antunes, will automatically receive an entry into the current Monthly Raffle.

What Are the Prizes?

Each month there will be a new prize for entries to win which include FREE Avon products, discounts on their next order, gift certificates, an opportunity to order *NEW* & popular products at demo price & more.

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December/January Monthly Raffle Prize

Receive an automatic entry for every $25 of Avon products ordered with Jen Antunes from December 2, 2017 to January 26, 2018 (Campaigns 1-4).

PRIZE INCLUDES: *NEW* Espira Multi Vitamin for Women

January Monthly Raffle



The *NEW* Espira collection is Avon’s first health & wellness line that will be available for purchase beginning Campaign 3. With the Espira Multi Vitamin for Women you will be able to enjoy an effective, high potency multi vitamin to fill in the nutritional gaps with 20+ essential vitamins & minerals plus phytonutrients & whole food concentrates to ensure your body will get the nutritional support & healthy requirements it needs. The Espira Women’s Vitamins is custom formulated with essential vitamins minerals & herbs designed specifically for women under 40.

Winner of Avon with Jen Antunes Monthly Raffle

Every Monday after the raffle time line has ended, that month’s winner will be announced on Avon with Jen Antunes Facebook Page & the winner will be contacted shortly after.  

January Monthly Raffle Winner is…

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How to Order Avon with Jen Antunes


To place your Avon order with Jen Antunes to receive an automatic entry for every $25 of Avon products ordered you can shop online at www.youravon.com/jantunes and receive FREE Shipping on any $40+ order.

Receive 10% off any size order when you use Promo Code: WELCOME10.

For more coupon codes & ways to help you save on your next Avon order, check out Avon Online Coupon Codes.

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Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes


When you shop Avon with Jen Antunes, you will be able to enjoy a variety of benefits & services that will help you save money and get the most out of your Avon experience. As a customer have the opportunity to:

  • Receive biweekly e-newsletter with current brochure sales & new products as well as all the ways you can save money.
  • Automatically be entered into Monthly raffle for a chance to win FREE Avon products, discounts & more with every $25 of Avon products ordered.
  • FREE Avon gift with your $75+ order
  • Opportunity to save up to 50% on a variety of Avon products as a member of customer exclusive Facebook group, Avon with Jen Antunes Bargains.
  • Host an Avon Facebook Party for a fun night of games, raffles, prizes & an opportunity to earn a discount on your party order.
  • Help raise funds for a local cause or organization with an Avon Fundraiser
  • and many more!

If you like to learn more about shopping Avon with Jen Antunes you can check out her Facebook business page Avon with Jen Antunes or email her at avonantunes@gmail.com

To register as a customer, go to www.youravon.com/jantunes & create a customer profile by clicking on “Sign In” found on top right corner of the home screen or by clicking here.



How Can I Help You? 



What You Can Do With Avon:
Shop Avon Online
Shop Avon Brochure
Sell Avon Use Reference Code: jantunes  
Earn Free Avon               
Donate with Avon



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