Avon Sample Tips for Representatives

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As an Avon representative, it is important to find ways to promote not only your business, but the products as well. Product sampling is an inexpensive but effective way to promote, grow & maintain your business.

Here are some of the benefits of using product sampling in your Avon business:

  • Gives an opportunity for anyone who has not had any experience with Avon or the designated product a chance to try it before buying the full size product.
  • Eliminates any doubt the consumer may have about the product, especially if it is something they have to apply to their skin. Many people have skin sensitivities.
  • A way to receive honest feedback on a product like a new product before it is even released in the brochure or online.
  • A way to show appreciation to loyal customers.
  • Help increase immediate sales and/or leads.
  • A great way to increase awareness of your Avon business.
  • Shows consumers that you are confident with the product & Avon.

As you can see, you can use samples for many different reasons. However, it is important when you choose to use samples in your business that you are using them for a specific purpose. Yes, samples are an affordable avenue to help you grow your business, but it still costs money. Just like with any aspect of your business, you want to make sure what you are spending money on is going to benefit your business in the long run.

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How to Order Samples


As an Avon representative you are able to order samples on your personal youravon.com account. I highly recommend ordering samples when you are placing your campaign order. This will ensure that you receive everything all at once & minimize any confusion when it comes to totaling up your campaign’s Award Sales.

Remember, Award Sales are what Avon & many Avon leaders use to determine any rewards & recognition you may have earned. 

When you join Avon, depending on what kit you choose, you will receive X amount of samples to start you off with. These will only take you so far, so once you are ready to order samples, here is how you can do it:

Item Entry Screen

  1. Sign on to youravon.com account.
  2. Click on “My Orders” tab.
  3. Type in your name in “Customer Name Box”. (Some representatives will add “Business Tools”, “Brochures” etc to customer address book to help keep track of what he/she is ordering)
  4. Make sure correct campaign is chosen.
  5. Click “Create Order”
  6. Choose “Order Samples” found on left side of item entry screen
  7. Choose the category in drop down menu of the sample(s) you would like to order
  8. Type in number of samples you’d like in item entry box found on right of the name of the sample.
  9. Click “Add to Order”
  10. Continue steps 7-9 until you have ordered all the samples you want to purchase

Avon What’s New Samples

Each campaign, Avon releases a new Avon What’s New catalog for representatives to be able to purchase new & popular Avon products at demo prices. Another benefit representatives can take advantage of with Avon What’s New is being able to purchase samples at discounted prices. Many times when Avon releases a new beauty product, representatives can enjoy receiving FREE samples when they purchase X number of samples. Representatives will also find bundle(s) of a variety of samples they can purchase at a discounted price. These special offers are a great way to stock up on samples & save money.

Learn more at Avon What’s New.

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How to Use Samples in Your Avon Business

Whether you use samples that you order from Avon or create your own, there is a variety of ways you can use product samples to not only gain new customers but also keep your existing customers happy.

Tip #1: Use Samples as a Reward or to Show Your Appreciation


One way representatives use samples is by giving them to customers who have placed an order from you. This is a great way to just let your customers know that you appreciate their business & strengthening your bond with them. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff?

As a bonus for my local customers, when a new product comes out, they will receive FREE samples of the new product in their brochure or order. It’s a way I can have them feel special plus it gives them a chance to try something new. Once they have tried it, I am able to see what the general census will be of the new product.

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Tip #2: Provides Confidence in a Product

When you are willing to provide samples of a product, it shows the consumer you are confident in your products. Someone that isn’t confident is not going to like a consumer trying a product for FREE. So when a customer is expressing doubt about a product, offer them a sample. Also explain that Avon & yourself are so confident about the products, that Avon offers a 30 day money back guarantee, no matter what the reason is for returning the item.


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Tip #3: Make Sample Packs

Creating sample packs are a great item to use when you are out & about in your daily life. If you are shy like me, I know approaching or speaking to strangers about my business is a bit out of my comfort zone. So I use sample packs because I “think of it as giving a gift. Love your server at a restaurant? Give her a gift. Great service from the checker at the supermarket? Say thanks with a free sample. Made a new friend at happy hour? Seal your friendship with some swag. You have the power to make someone’s day, so go do it. And, don’t forget to ask for their contact information so you can follow-up” (Million Dollar Party Girl, 2015).

What to Put in a Sample Bag

To catch people’s eye, I use treat bags you can get at the dollar store for each of the holidays or seasons. “By switching up regular product packaging to something brighter, trendy or creative will wow over consumers and make them interested in the sample, and ultimately the product” (How to Promote Your Product with Product Sampling Marketing, 2016).

For more tips on how to use sample packs or as she calls them, “Bombitas”, check out Milagros Garcia YouTube video:

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Tip #4: Come Up with a Social Media Special

Snag-A-Bag Image

If you are looking for a unique way to get people’s attention to your Avon business, having a sample special is one way to do it. You can do a weekly offer by sharing a product & asking for people to comment on the post if they would like to receive FREE samples or you can create a special bundle of your favorite Avon beauty products like you see in the image to the right. I have not shared this image yet, but I intend doing this once every 3-4 months. In it, I will be placing samples of my favorite beauty products for that given season.

  • Lipstick sample
  • Foundation or in season nail polish color sample
  • Day Moisturizer
  • Night Moisturizer
  • Eye moisturizer or Anew Clinical
  • Body Lotion or Body Wash
  • Fragrance for Him
  • Fragrance for Her

I may have to create my own samples for some of these & since they are my favorite beauty products, I will have have full size products around to get samples from. You can find little sample or travel size tubes at the dollar store or if you are lucky like me & have a baby around, use baby food jars that have been cleaned out.

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Tip #5: Use in Local Businesses

Free Samples Box

One way that is recommended to grow your business is by talking to other local businesses & normally the recommendation is about leaving a box of brochures. Instead of brochures, you can ask to leave samples or sample packs. This is a great way to still work on getting your name out there if you are not able to afford a lot of brochures. I’ve even come across some businesses who prefer to have a sample box over a brochure box.

Click Here to learn how to create the sample box above 

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Tip #6: Create “Lumpy Brochures”

Lumpy brochures are exactly what it sounds like- a brochure that is stuffed with a variety of samples making it feel lumpy. This is a great tool to use for a customer who has never tried or used Avon products before.

To learn how to make a lumpy brochure, check out this YouTube video from Avon representative Jenny Catalano:

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Tip #7: Hand Out at Events & Parties

Sample Packs

When you are doing an event or home party, it is very important to have a wide variety of samples for people to try. This will help increase your on the spot sales. “The unexpected generosity, the pleasure of discovering a new product, and the law of reciprocity increases the chances that [they] may buy it” (Practical E-Commerce, 2015).

At an event, you can use the way you hand out your samples as a way to have you stand out from the rest of the vendors. “The key here is to give out something that really catches people’s attention… You want recipients of your gift to brag to others at the event about it” (Business 2 Community, 2012). For example, at one event I did, I used Easter eggs to put a sample in it with my information on the back with a little candy inside. The kids loved opening it to find the candy & then when they handed the egg to mom, she would find a sample in there for her to use. So they each got a treat.

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Tip #8: Create a Sample Club

Join my Sample Club

Creating a sample club is a great way to introduce Avon products to new customers. I would ensure though that you do get something in return because this does cost money. Even if you have members write a short review or complete a survey about the product(s). This information can help you learn more about the chosen product. Knowing what consumers like & dislike regarding products can help you recommend to other customers & you will have something to say when someone asks “What do people like about this product?”.

To learn more about creating your very own Sample Club, check out Lisa Scola’s YouTube video:

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Tip #9: Do a Comparison Sampler

In my research for this blog, I came across this idea & I personally am interested in testing this one out. You can create a comparison sampler using another brands product or another Avon product. Thinking of how I can use this in my business I came up with these ideas:

  • A customer who is looking for the best Avon skincare, makeup, fragrance or bath and body product that will meet their needs.
  • A special promotion when a new product is released from Avon so I can get honest feedback on how it compares to the “old” or another version of the same product.

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For More Ideas…

Check out this YouTube video below from Avon with Koos Cosmetic Reps

What ideas do you have with using samples in your Avon or direct sales business?

Comment below any additional ideas you may have to share with myself & others.

I always love to learn & hear about new ideas.

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