TITLE IMAGE 10 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss in College

10 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss in College

Now a days, having a college degree is a necessity for most job positions, even ones that when I was growing up, was not required. As a result, more and more young people in all income classes are choosing the college path after high school versus the career path. Even many who join the military take advantage of the benefits the military offers to those who enroll into a college program. “In fall [of] 2016, some 20.5 million students [were] expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 5.2 million since fall 2000.” (U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics Common Core of Data, 2016)

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Why College Students Need to Earn Money


Though more young men & women are attending college, the tuition, room & board and school expenses have gone up drastically since 1990. “While tuition, fees, [and] room & board at public universities have risen by almost $15,000 since 1990, the average amount of grants or scholarships awarded to undergraduates from all sources—including the federal and state governments, colleges, foundations, and through the GI Bill—has risen only about $5,000. That essentially puts an extra $10,000-a-year cost burden on the typical college family.” (Time Money, 2016)

Even if you are lucky to receive scholarships and grants, for many families they do not cover the full cost their college student will need to attend school. According to Sallie Mae & Ipsos 2016-2017 national study, “scholarships and grants paid 35 percent of college costs, the largest share in the report’s 10-year history.”  That still left the other 65% of the cost up to the student & his/her family to pay and that doesn’t include the additional costs college students have such as books & school supplies.


In recent years, more & more college students are starting to share the financial responsibility of paying for college. One way is by personally taking out student loans. This is resulting in many college students graduating with a large amount of debt before they even start a career. On top of that, college students & their parents also need to keep in mind the other expenses that occur such as books, school supplies & equipment, school activities and personal expenses like laundry detergent, clothing, food and personal hygiene products. Earning money can be a difficult task in the sense that they have to find jobs that will fit around their ever changing schedule. And for students who go to college out of state, transportation can be an issue on where he/she can work. One way a college student can earn money is by creating or starting their own business. Business Insider shares 10 low cost businesses college students can start:

  1. Food Cart
  2. Be an Avon Representative
  3. SAT Tutoring
  4. Start a T-Shirt Company
  5. Moving Service
  6. Childcare
  7. Sell Your Arts & Crafts
  8. Pure Romance Consultant
  9. Web Site Design
  10. Take Advantage of College Colors

To learn more about each of these ideas from Business Insider, Click Here.

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Top 10 Benefits of Starting a Business in College

Starting a business in college will not only help him/her financially. Below are 10 benefits college students can enjoy or take advantage of when starting a business while he/she is in college.

1. Discover a Passion

Image result for starting a small business passion

When someone is deciding that they want to start a business, it is very important to have it involve something they enjoy & are passionate about. Starting a business won’t be easy. “The amount of time, thought process and dedication required to start a successful business is immense.” (The Pros of Launching a Business While in College, Melinda Emerson aka SmallBizLady).

Just like with anything in life, if you are passionate about what you are doing, you will be able to enjoy it more and you will have the confidence & determination you need to be a successful entrepreneur. “Because when things go wrong and/or you go through tough times, which happens in all businesses, it’s this passion that will help you persevere.” (Starting a Small Business- Passion is Key by Dave Lavinsky, Forbes)

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2. Learn Who You Are in Order to Make Tough Decisions


With a business, you are in complete control of all the decisions. As a result, you will learn how to make tough decisions. As Founder & CEO of AudienceBoom Jayson Demers wrote, “One of the burdens of being an entrepreneur is having to make tough decisions. But since opportunities often come disguised as decisions, it’s something business owners have to get used to if they want to experience growth.” (Entrepreneur, 2014) In order to learn how to make tough decisions, it is important that you know who you are. Are you someone who has amazing instincts or are you someone who needs to see all the facts? Knowing which one you will help you make the decisions you need to as an entrepreneur. (Fortune, 2015)

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3. Able to Fit Your Business Around Your Life

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One of the many benefits with being your own boss is you can create a business that works around your schedule. No matter what your business is, you decide when and where you work. This flexibility is perfect for college students. He/She can create a work routine around their class schedule, club meetings & other school activities. Creating your own work schedule allows him/her to still be able to enjoy the college life and not have it only be school & work.

Another benefit with the flexibility of being an entrepreneur is, depending on your type of business, you can work your business on/off campus. This will be especially helpful for students who are out of state & are able to work their business on winter & summer breaks back at home.

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4. Find Independence with Low Risk

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With being an entrepreneur, as I stated earlier, you are the primary decision maker. Yes, you can seek advice, however, it is up to you on what to do. As a college student you don’t have the responsibilities most adults have like rent/mortgage, car payments, a family to take care of, etc. You are only responsible for one person: Y-O-U. This gives you an opportunity to learn how to be more self sufficient & independent at a steady pace so by the time you graduate college, you are ready & prepared to take on the world.

Starting any business is a risk, but with having minimal possessions in your name at this time in your life, you don’t have as much to lose. Knowing you won’t lose your whole life, you are able to take higher risks. And as the phrase goes, the higher the risk higher the reward. And if for some reason your business does not work out, you can just go back to doing what you did prior to starting your business.

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5. Access to Campus Resources

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College campuses have an overabundance of resources that students are able to access right on campus. “Universities have access to the fastest internet connections, free consulting from professors who often love getting involved in student run startups, meeting rooms, and many other resources you would pay dearly for outside the campus.” (Entrepreneur, 2016)

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6. A Large Customer Pool Right at Your Fingertips

As a business owner, one of the most important things you need to consider is your customer base. The benefit of college campuses & universities is there is a wide variety of people to sell your product(s) to right at your finger tips. Customers can be students, professors and college staff giving you wide range of age groups on a regular basis that you can share your business with.

Image result for college student entrepreneur customer base

For tips on marketing your business to college students, check out Entrepreneur’s 5 Tips for Marketing to College Students.

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7. Networking Opportunities Right on Campus

Image result for entrepreneur networking

Do you need someone to help you create a website? Are you looking to make a commercial for on campus channel? Would you like to print up an ad in the college newspaper? Another great thing about having access to a variety of college students is you can find talented individuals to help you with your business. Whether it’s making the product or marketing your business, I’m sure you will be able to find a student with the talent you are looking for, just by putting up a flyer around campus or ask for referrals from your professors & friends. This will be helpful to them too because it will give them experience (especially helpful if it involves the field they are studying) and/or a chance to earn money.

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8. Mentors are More Accessible

One thing about being a college student is that people are more willing to help you out with advice, mentoring or guiding you through the process of starting your own business. “They’ll make time that they wouldn’t make for anyone else, and they’ll speak more openly with you than anyone else because they don’t see you as a threat or someone with an ulterior motive.” (Entrepreneur, 2016Image result for boss life quotes

You also have access to mentors right on campus with professors & teachers. If they are teaching, you know they are all ready willing to share their experiences & be a support for you to go to when you have questions. If for some reason they can’t help you, they most likely know someone who can. “The school also most likely has a network of alumni, some of which have probably experienced great success and may be interested in being a mentor or adviser to your venture.” (10 Great Things About Being a College Entrepreneur, David Brim, 2008) Alumni tend to prefer helping a college student that goes to the same school they did.

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9. Gain Real World Experience

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If you are looking to have a career in business or whatever field your business products/services fall under, you will be able to apply what you learn in the classroom to your business. There is only so much can you learn in a classroom, so having an opportunity to apply what you learn will only strengthen your education and have you better prepared for the future.”When you do graduate college, [even if your business is not a success,] you’ll be equipped with far more skills and a wealth of knowledge that you can take with you for your personal ventures or a company that decides to hire you.” (10 Great Things About Being a College Entrepreneur, David Brim, 2008)

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10. Career Building Skills

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With gaining the real world experience, you are learning different skills that will only make you look even more desirable once you are ready to look for a job after you graduate. “Starting a business shows that you’re proactive, creative, and driven–just the type of employee successful companies are looking for.” (Entrepreneur, 2016) With being your own boss, you are gaining the skills you will need if you are looking to be in a leadership role in a company or looking to create/startup a new business when you are out of school. Having those skills, experience & first hand knowledge will help you stand out from the rest of the college graduate applicants. They will see that you took what you learned in school & applied it to the real world.

If you are looking to create/startup a new business once you graduate, people may be more willing to help for the fact that they know you have the experience, skills & knowledge needed to create or start a new business. Even if your college business failed or was not as successful as you had hoped, seeing that you have the dedication & work ethic needed to start a business will only help your future endeavors.

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Being an Avon Representative in College

Sell Avon as You Learn

Are you someone enjoys makeup, fashion or would like to become a beauty consultant? As mentioned above, one way to start a business in college is by becoming an Avon representative. Avon now offers a wide variety of products with popular brands like True Color, Skin So Soft, mark. by Avon and more. There is now even a home decor, gardening, kitchenware & a variety of home products with Avon Living.

Like with any other business, starting an Avon business should not be a decision you make lightly. Just like with any other business venture, you most be willing to put the work into it if you want to succeed. However, with this opportunity, you will have access to support & tools to help you create a successful business. For example, on top of the resources & support I mentioned above by being a college student, you will also have support from Avon & your personal Avon mentor that will be there to help support & guide you as you start & grow your business. As an Avon representative you will also be able to enjoy:

  • Choice of 3 starter kits with full size products, business tools, guidebook & more. You will have all the tools you will need to start your very own Avon business! To learn more about Avon starter kits & how you can use it to your advantage, check out Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Starter Kit Tips for New Representative.
  • FREE online training to help you learn how to start & grow your Avon business
  • FREE web office to help you manage & share your business with others online
  • Earning in your first 7 campaigns (14 weeks), you will have the opportunity to earn 40% every two weeks on ALL sales with Avon’s new representative Kickstart Incentive Program. To learn more about Avon’s Kickstart Program & how it will help you create a successful business, check out Avon Selling Tips: 2017 Kickstart for New Representatives Tips.
  • No sales quota or inventory required like other direct selling companies have
  • Earning money right online with your FREE e-Store & having Avon Facebook Parties.
  • Discounted prices on new & popular Avon products with demo book for representatives.
  • Discounts with other business like Avery, Town & Country, T-Mobile, Scholarships, Medical Insurance and more!

You can increase your monthly earnings by sharing the Avon opportunity & grow your business with Avon Advanced Leadership. Earn residual income, bonuses & additional incentives by sharing the Avon opportunity with others. Place flyers across campus, share on your social media or even talk to friends who could use some extra money. You’d be amazed in how many right on campus would love to enjoy discounted Avon products or a way to earn book money, spending money or help in paying for tuition just like you!

To learn more about Avon’s Advanced Leadership program & what you can earn, check out Avon’s Advanced Leadership 2018

To learn more about Avon representative Georgina Hayes & how she used her Avon business to help her earn money through college & pay for her student loans after she graduated, check out First For Women’s “She Wanted to Sell Avon at 17 & It Led Her Down a Path She Never Expected


Become an Avon Super Seller for $30 by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

Receive a FREE gift when you sign up as a representative + receive brochures & all the online tools you will need to start & grow your very own Avon business.

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