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Since early January 2017, Avon has made many changes & opportunities is creating a “New Avon”. I have to say, Avon has been creating an amazing opportunity for Avon representatives to earn an incredible amount of money & opportunities that raises the bar in direct selling. In this blog, you will learn all about how you can earn the most between sales & leadership as an Avon representative, old & new.

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Earn Money With Avon: 2 Ways to Earn

Avon offers two ways for their representatives to earn- Selling Avon products & Mentoring a Team. This allows representatives to earn money not only for sharing Avon products, but the Avon opportunity as well.

Selling Avon:

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The most basic aspect of an Avon business is selling Avon & mark. products. Avon products range from beauty products to home decor. This is definitely not the same Avon many of us grew up knowing. With expanding their product line, Avon is giving their representatives an opportunity to reach a wider range of customers- men or women; young or old; rich or poor.

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There are 3 ways a representative can sell Avon:

1.Face to Face

  • Selling Using an Avon Brohure:
    • Every two weeks Avon brochures are updated with new sales, promotional offers & new products.
    • Representatives can sell any products they have on hand to their customers, at events or even online. These products can come from:
      • Rewards from Avon Incentives
      • Gifts/Prizes from their Mentor or
      • Purchasing products at demo prices.
    • Every 2 weeks, a Representative will submit their customer orders & as well as be able to purchase upcoming campaign brochures, sales tools & supplies from their personal Avon account on www.youravon.com.
    • In a few days, orders will be delivered to the Representative. He/She will sort & deliver the orders to correct customers.
    • Customer payments – Amount owed to Avon= Representative Profit

For tips on selling Avon with a brochure, check out Avon Selling Tips: Selling Avon with Brochures

2. Selling Online with FREE e-Store at www.youravon.com

  • Customers anywhere in the U.S. can order online 24/7.
  • Orders will be shipped directly to the customer for FREE with any $40+ order or for a small shipping fee. See Shipping Information for more details. 
  • Customers can sign up for automatic email updates on the latest sales, free shipping codes & more.

You can learn all about the benefits customer’s can enjoy shopping Avon online by checking out Benefits of Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes Online Online.

Image result for avon two ways to earn3. Running an Avon Fundraiser

  • Avon offers a variety of fundraiser flyers for Representatives to use or to offer to local organizations & charities as a way to help raise funds.
  • Total owed for a registered fundraiser will be 50% of the total sales. The Representative will give a predetermined % of the proceeds (average is 30%-40%).
  • Any non profit organization can apply for tax exemption.
  • An organization can receive funds within 3 weeks.

Learn all about Avon Fundraisers & the current Fundraiser Flyers available at Avon Fundraisers

As of Campaign 9’2017, Avon updated their sales earning chart for a more simplify breakdown. The changes include:

  • All representatives now earn starting with the first dollar they sell.
  • Non President’s Recognition Program representatives will earn 20%-40% based on their campaign’s Award Sales from face to face & online sales.
  • Watches are now considered Jewelry. (See chart below for earnings)

2017 earnings chart sales

Double Dollars for RepFest 2018 Attendees

If you registered for Avon RepFest 2018, you will be rewarded with Double Dollars in Campaign 19. Double Dollars go towards your Award Sales, which will help you earn more recognition and help you reach President’s Club and above.

If you are all ready a President’s Recognition Program member, you will also get exclusive perks, such as better commission and so much more.

Click here for rules & regulations.

Avon offers a way for representatives to earn more money with their sales through the President’s Recognition Program. Once a Representative has sold $10,000 within a given sales year, he/she will have reached President’s Club sales level & has begun their journey with President’s Recognition Program.

As a member of the President’s Recognition Program, representatives enjoy:

  • 40%- 50% on face to face & online sales of Beauty & Jewelry and 25% on fixed items (Fashion & Home) for the rest of the current sales year & all of the following year.
  • Invited to a special President’s Recognition event
  • Be able to purchase 3+ demo items from representative’s demo book
  • and more based on your sales level.

As an Avon representative continues to rise in President’s Recognition Program‘s sales levels, he/she will continue to earn more & more benefits.

To learn more about President’s Recognition Program, check out Avon President’s Recognition Program 2017.

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Mentoring a Team: Avon Advanced Leadership

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By sharing the Avon opportunity with others, in person or online, representatives will be able to increase earnings biweekly. Not only will the representative help their team members (aka downline) in joining Avon, but he/she will also be their to support & mentor them as they work to reach their individual goals & grow their own Avon business.

As of Campaign 5’2018, Avon representatives in Advanced Leadership will now have the opportunity to earn more based on their leadership title:

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  • $20 Recruiting Bonus for each new representative who joins their team. (Any representative in first 7 campaigns will receive $50 Kickstart Recruiting Bonus instead)
  • 3% Sponsoring Bonus each time a Representative who has joined their team as of Campaign 4’2017 places an order for the life of the Representative.
  • Promotion Bonus starting at $500 each time a Representative reaches a new level in leadership for the first time beginning with Bronze Ambassador
  • Mentor Bonus starting at $250 each time a Generation 1 downline reaches a new level in leadership for the first time beginning with Bronze Ambassador. You must be same title or higher.
  • Leadership Checks now beginning at Star Promoter up to Generation 5 paid sales (the higher you are in leadership title, the more generations you can earn money from)
  • Leader Bonus for your leaders in your downline paid sales.
  • Lifestyle Cash Bonus up to $400 each time you meet an Executive Level in Leadership

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Just like in sales, the higher a Representative goes up in Advanced Leadership, the more earnings & opportunities he/she will receive to earn more money.

To learn more about Avon’s Advanced Leadership program, check out my blog Avon Advanced Leadership 2018.

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Current Avon Incentives

Avon offers a variety incentives throughout the year to help not only encourage representatives to grow their business but also to reward those who do so with amazing opportunities & gifts like more earnings, FREE Avon products & gifts, trips & more!

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Kickstart for New Representatives

Avon Kickstart incentive is for all Representatives who are in their first 7 campaigns. It is broken down to help new Representatives grow their new business in a steady manner & for them to see the earning potential they can have with their Avon business.

Avon Kickstart incentive consists of 3 components:

  1. Sales Component: Earn 40% each time Kickstart Representative reaches campaign sales goal as shown below:


    Sales Goal



    Any Size Order 40% of Order


    $150+ $60+


    $200+ $80+


    $250+ $100+
    5 $300+



    $350+ $140+
    7 $400+


  2. Recruiting Component: Receive $50 Recruiting Bonus each time a new representative joins his/her team & places a $150+ 1st or 2nd order (alternative to $20 Recruiting Bonus offered in Advanced Leadership).
  3. Kickstart Bonus: Receive a $200 bonus when all 7 campaign sales goals are met & at least 3 new Qualified Kickstart Representatives are added to his/her team in first 7 campaigns.

BROCHURE BONUS: Each time you place a $50+ order on youravon.com in your first 5 campaigns as scheduled, you will receive a FREE 10 pack of brochures.


Each Kickstart Representative who completes the incentive will have earned over $1,000 in their first 7 campaigns and will have a solid foundation to grow their business.

You can learn all about Avon Kickstart & how it will help you grow your business at Avon Kickstart Program for New Representatives.

For more information & tips on how the Avon Kickstart incentive program can help you earn all the current incentives available for *NEW* representatives, check out my blog Avon Incentives for New Representatives 2018

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Rapid Promotion Incentive Campaign 5 to Campaign 13

Join Avon between Campaign 5 & Campaign 13, earn double of the Advanced Leadership‘s Promotion Bonus when you promote to designated leadership level within incentive timeline:

Image result for rapid advancement incentive avon

You could earn over $7,500 within your first 6 months as an Avon representative & have a strong start to your *NEW* Avon business.

Learn more about Promotion Bonus & Avon’s Advanced Leadership program at Avon’s Advanced Leadership 2018.

Additional Information:

  • Incentive is only valid for representatives who joined in Campaign 5’2018 – Campaign 13. 2018.
  • Incentive period will begin when you place your first order by your expected first campaign date (listed on your contract or contact your mentor).
  • If you promote to multiple levels in one campaign, you will receive rewards for each title.
  • All promotion bonuses are received over 4 campaigns when you maintain your title.
  • For more information & guide, check out Success Center at www.youravon.com

Bronze Leader Development Incentive Campaign 7’2018- Campaign 13’2018 (TS 9’2018- National 13’2018) & Campaign 14’2018-Campaign 20’2018- For SILVER LEADERS & ABOVE Representatives

It pays to mentor! Representatives who perform at Silver Leader title & above in Avon’s Advanced Leadership, can earn up to $10,000 for developing Advanced Leadership Bronze Leaders in their Leader Central Team. This is an addition to the $750 Advanced Leadership Mentor Bonus for each Bronze Leader you develop as described in the Advanced Leadership Program.

How to Qualify:

Earn $5,000 for each incentive period you develop at least 2 representatives in your Leader Central Team to Advanced Leadership Bronze Leader for the first time since Campaign 5’2016.

  • The promoting representative must be a member of your Leader Central Team (all representatives, promoters & ambassadors in your organization where there isn’t a Bronze Leader or above in between).
  • Promoting representative must receive the FULL Advanced Leadership Program Bronze Leader Promotion Bonus in order to qualify for your goal.

Important Information

  • All promotions must occur before the close of each incentive period, however, the maintenance period may occur outside the incentive period.
  • One 1 reward for each incentive period, regardless if you develop more then the 2 Bronze Leader goal.
  • Bronze Leader will count for the representative whose Leader Central Team he/she belongs to in the campaign of promotion.
  • If a representative promotes from Gold Ambassador to Silver Leader, it would count towards your Bronze Leader goal, as long as he/she qualifies for the Bronze Leader title or above for 3 out of the 4 campaigns following his/her promotion campaign.
  • You must title the same or higher as your promoting representative at the close of the incentive period in order to receive the reward.
  • Reporting on VIBE will begin March 8, 2018.
  • Payouts will be made via prepaid card or direct deposit:
    • June 14, 2018- August 10, 2018 for the 1st incentive period
    • September 21, 2018- November 16, 2018 for the 2nd incentive period
  • For questions regarding your performance and reporting please contact avon.leadershipC2@avonusa.com or call the leadership help desk at 1-800-468-4600.
  • For all the details, rules & regulations check out the incentive guide found on youravon.com.

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Double Dollars for RepFest 2018 Attendees

Register & attend Avon RepFest 2018 from July 27, 2018 until July 29, 2018 in Columbus, OH and receive Double Dollars in Campaign 19. Double Dollars help contribute to your Award Sales totals, which will help you earn more recognition & reach your next President’s Recognition Program sales level. As a member of the President’s Recognition Program, you will be able to enjoy exclusive opportunities & more earnings.

To learn more about Avon RepFest, check out Avon RepFest 2018 or go to www.avonrepfest.com.

Learn more about Avon’s President’s Recognition Program, click here.

Step Up & Join Avon Incentive Available until October 2018

Team Avon American Cancer Society logo

Join a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk & earn exclusive rewards, including a FREE trip to NYC.

Click Here to sign up for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk near you

How to Qualify:

Important Information:

  • Grand Prize includes:
  • Open to all authorized Avon representatives 18+ who are legal residents of the 50 states of the United States & the District of Columbia.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred or substituted by achievers. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • For all the details, rules & regulations check out the incentive guide found on youravon.com.

Click Here to sign up for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk near you

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Share the Love Incentive

Image result for avon share the love incentive

Share the love & invite friends, family, leads & recruits to join Avon from July 11, 2018 to August 6, 2018 for just $10 with Limited Edition Share the Love Starter Kit valued at $71, which includes:

How to Qualify:

All *NEW* representatives who have joined Avon by August 6, 2018 & purchased the $10, $25 or $50 starter kit can participate in Share the Love incentive in their first 3 campaigns within the incentive timeline:

Join Avon:

1st Order Placed By: 2nd Order Placed By:

3rd Order Placed By:

By 7/24/18

Campaign 178/6/18 Campaign 188/20/18 Campaign 19


7/25/18 to 8/6/18 Campaign 18   8/20/18 Campaign 19   9/3/18

Campaign 20  9/17/18

With each qualifying campaign that is submitted on time & paid for in full on time, *NEW* representatives will earn:

  • 1st Campaign:
    • 2 FREE Best of Beauty Samplers valued at $30+ each with each kit including:
    • 5 FREE Brochures
  • 2nd Campaign:
    • FREE Share the Love Tote
    • 5 FREE Brochures
  • 3rd Campaign:
    • FREE Premium Starter Kit valued at $400 that includes:
      • 20 Full Size Products
      • 50+ Samples & Travel Size/Mini’s
      • Avon Exclusive Beauty Tote Bag
      • 30 Brochures
      • Business Tools & more

Important Information:

You can learn all about Avon’s Share the Love Incentive at Sell Avon: Share the Love Incentive.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes


Become an Avon Super Seller for $30 by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

Receive a FREE gift when you sign up as a representative + receive brochures & all the online tools you will need to start & grow your very own Avon business.

Be your best with the best join avon now banner

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

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