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For my most recent info on this topic, check out Avon Selling Tips: Starting Avon Business on a Budget

Starting an Avon Business on a Budget

Starting any business can be tough, especially if you don’t have a lot of wiggle room financially to start off with. If you are thinking of starting an Avon business or just signed up to start, you can create a successful Avon business on a tight budget.


Being a mom of 5 boys, I still watch my budget carefully & probably always will. The way I think of it, the more careful I am with my money, the more profit I will have to use to invest back into my business & to use for my why- MY FAMILY.  Here are some tips & tricks I’ve learned along the way that can help you start (or if you are a veteran representative, grow) your Avon business without spending a whole lot of money.

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Starting an Avon Business on a Budget Tip #1: Track Your Budget

Image result for all we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us

In order to stay on top of your budget you need to track it! The first thing I suggest you do is create a tracking system of your earnings & expenses- basically create a budget. This will help you see where your money is being spent & it can even help you see where you can earn more money with Avon.

It’s also wise to keep track of your finances for tax purposes. Make sure to keep all of your receipts, track your traveling & make sure to update your inventory list the beginning of each year.

For more information about filing for taxes as a direct seller click here.

TIP: Make sure to keep your Avon money separate from your household funds. Create a separate bank account or use a prepaid credit card you can upload your customer’s payments on. It will help you be able to better monitor your budget & minimize spending outside your budget as much as possible. Avon offers a pre-paid Visa card to all representatives who do not have a bank account to direct deposit their online & leadership earnings. Learn more about it on youravon.com.

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How to Track Your Budget

You can create a spreadsheet easily on Word Excel or Google Sheets. You can find all kinds of apps for your mobile devices on Apple App Store (iOS) & Google Play (Android) that can help you as well. What you want to do is create one that is the easiest for you. I do mine by each campaign, but you can also do it by monthly or quarterly.

Here is a Business Report created by Avon (it hasn’t been updated since 2013, but it’s still a useful tool). You can use it or modify it for an idea on how to create one. I personally use this as a guide to create my own budget tracker.

Click here for my personalized budget tracker template created on Google Sheets.

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Starting an Avon Business on a Budget Tip #2: Invest in Your Business with Brochures

Your Avon brochures are the most important investment you have with your business. Someone once told me to look at the brochure as my store. If I don’t “open” my business (have brochures to share) then how can I get new customers (grow) or get sales (profit)?

How to Use Avon Brochures


You will receive brochures automatically with your starter kit. The first thing you will  want to do is label them. Make sure your name, contact info & your e-Store website is listed on the back of the brochure. If you can afford it, you can use labels or purchase a stamp to make this process easier. Note that these are not a necessity. If you look on the back of each brochure there is room for you to write in all the information you need. You can neatly write your name, phone number & e-Store website. Personally, I use labels because for me its worth the investment in minimizing the time it would take to write out my information. Up until recently, I used labels from Dollar General. I was able to get 128 labels for a $1 (I did have to format my word document personally for this to work, so if you are not tech savvy, this may not be an option for you). Now I use Avery labels. You can use Avery formats found in Avon Advantage on youravon.com.

TIP: If you do not have access to a printer, bring a stack of brochures or labels with you where ever you go & when you have down time, like waiting at an appointment or during your lunch break at work, you can get the labels ready ahead of time. You can also purchase a label stamp through Town & Country in Avon Advantage on youravon.com

After you use your brochures in your starter kit, you will have to invest in more brochures. It is very important to make sure you have enough to hand out not only to your customers but to new customers as well. You will hear some representatives say that you should order at least 100 brochures each campaign. I know first hand this may not be plausible for everyone & if you are just starting out, it may feel overwhelming. If either of these reasons apply, what I recommend to at least do is set a goal of how many brochures you are going to give to new people. Get that number of brochures + the number of customers you have.avon-brochure-with-makeup-products

Brochures come in packs of 10 & magalogs come in packs of 5, so if your number ends up being an odd number, I suggest rounding up. It is always better to have more brochures then not enough.

Tip: If you do not have any customer orders, make sure to still purchase brochures so you are ready for upcoming campaigns. If you call & order brochures you can ask for the shipping fee to be waived.

To learn how to order Avon brochures, magalogs, outlets & sales flyers, check out Avon Training: How to Purchase Brochures

When you are on a strict budget, you don’t want to waste money on brochures that are going to just sit in a box at home. Remember, brochures are valid for 3 campaigns so you have plenty of time to get them out there & for people to order from them.

Here are some ideas on getting brochures out there:

  • Ask your hair stylist & manicurist if you can leave a brochure or two in their waiting area.
  • When you are parked anywhere, park as close to the door as you can & place brochures on the back window or windshield with a note stating FREE BROCHURES.
  • Place a brochure in waiting rooms at your doctors or dentist offices.
  • Keep brochures on you at all times. Bring up your business casually in conversations & you will have them handy to give to those who show interest.

TIP: Using the power of 3 is a way to get new customers each campaign.  Power of 3 is talking to 3 new people a day. If you do this at least 5 times a week. That is 15 new people a week that will learn about your business and even if you get only 1 or 2 people who order, you got 1 or 2 new customers you didn’t have. This is a great way of getting your name out there throughout your daily routine & it will help you stay motivated in talking to new people about your business.

For more tips on what you can do with your brochures when you are on a budget check out Avon Selling Tips: How to Utilize Avon Brochures.

TIP: If you realize that you do not have enough brochures, talk to your up line or other local Avon representatives to see if they have any brochures available to give you or for you to purchase. Many times, other representatives have extras that they can give to you for FREE or available for you to purchase at cost.

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Starting an Avon Business on a Budget Tip #3: Using Samples to Increase Sales & Get New Customers

Samples are an inexpensive tool that you can use to grow your Avon business. Using samples give people a chance to try Avon products you are selling before purchasing the full size product. For new customers or for those who have never used Avon products, this is a great way to show them great quality products they will love at affordable prices. With certain products like skin care & makeup, having samples is key. Some people can be picky on what they apply to their skin, so giving them a chance to see how their skin reacts or feels for free can increase your sales & grow your customer base.

Image result for avon samples

I highly recommend taking advantage of the deals in the latest Avon What’s New. In there you will find sample bundles. In doing this, you are able to get a stock of a variety of samples that will have you save money compared to buying them individually.

Watch out for when a *NEW* skin caremakeup & fragrance product comes out in the Avon What’s New.  A lot of times they offer deals like buy 2 get 1 free. Share samples of the new product to your customers so they can try the new product for free. You can also use these samples as an ice breaker when you are talking to people about your business, so they can try the newest Avon product.

Another way you can use samples to grow your business is creating sample packs. You can put 2-3 samples in a decorative treat bag you can get at the dollar store or a snack Ziploc bag with a self made flyer about your business. If you are recruiting, I highly recommend putting a recruiting flyer as well. You can also put an outlet or savings flyer that you get in your orders. You can also order more of them on youravon.com for around $1.25 in packs of 5 or 10.

What will you do with these sample packs? You can hand them out to anyone you come across in your daily life. You can give it to the cashier that cashes you out at the grocery store or the waitress at the restaurant you are eating at. I made sample packs for the ladies that work at the convenience store where I get my coffee with candy treats for the holidays & they loved them! It’s a cheap way to get your business info out there. Like with your brochures, make sure you put all of your information on there so they know how to order or contact you to get a brochure. As always, if possible, get there name & contact info so you can follow up.

See how top Avon Representative Milagros Garcia creates her “Bombitas” (sample packs) & uses them.

For more tips on how to use samples in your business, check out Avon Sample Tips for Representatives.

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Starting an Avon Business on a Budget Tip #4: Using Full Size Products

As an Avon Representative, you will have opportunities to receive full size products for free or at a discounted price. As a new representative, depending on what starter kit you choose, you will receive a variety of full size products. Also, in Avon What’s New, all representatives can take advantage of purchasing full size products at a discounted/ demo price. None of that really matters, though, if you don’t use that fact to your advantage.

TIP: Many leaders offer incentives for their team members on top of incentives offered by Avon. When you meet the qualifications, many leaders will reward you with full size products, samples, business tools & other items to help you run your business. Make sure to contact your upline & join your team Facebook page to learn more. 

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Using Your Starter Kit Full Size Products

Image result for 2018 avon premium starter kit

As a new representative you receive full size products in your starter kit. There are four ways you can use these full size products to your advantage:

  1. Use the Avon products yourself & become your own testimonial,
  2. Use them to create samples or to have as demos for customers to try on the spot,
  3. Sell them & start earning money right away or
  4. You can do a combination of the three above choices.

For more tips on how to use your Starter Kit to its full potential, check out Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Starter Kit Tips for New Representativess

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Using Full Size Products From the Avon What’s New

One of the many  benefits of being an Avon representative is being able to take advantage of the Avon What’s New. With the ability to purchase full size products at discounted prices, you can use the above suggestions with your starter kit as well as:

  • Create gift baskets to sell to your customers,
  • Have inventory to sell when you work an event such as a craft fair,
  • Sell at your Open House or tag sale/yard sale,
  • Give as gifts to your customers who place a high order as a way to say “THANK YOU”. (You can give a hand cream or Avon Senses Shower Gel– It does not have to be an expensive gift!)
  • Do a monthly raffle for customers who order a certain amount. (I do a monthly raffle where customers receive an entry for every $25 they spend)

TIP: Purchase a bundle package from the Avon What’s New & you can use each of the products for different things. It’s all about getting the most out of what you do spend on in as many ways possible. 

Remember, you DO NOT NEED TO KEEP AN INVENTORY. Do not feel like you have to have a certain amount of full size products in order to earn money. It is an option you can do if you plan on doing events, do home parties or have product available for on the spot sales.

For more information check out Avon What’s New

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Starting an Avon Business on a Budget Tip #5: Advertise Everywhere You Can

Advertising is a vital aspect of your Avon business. You want people to think of you when they think of Avon, but if you don’t advertise, how are they going to make that connection?

When you are on a budget or you are just starting out, you may not be able to afford to pay for advertisement material that they offer through Town & Country on youravon.com or other advertisement opportunities. When you use your creativity & any of these tips, you can find ways to advertise your business.

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Online Advertisement

With technology these days, you can easily reach a lot of people without spending a penny.

  • Automated Emails: Everyone that has an email listed in your address book on youravon.com, Avon will automatically send them an email that links to your e-Store for promotional offers, when a new campaign has started, online exclusives & more.  You can adjust what emails are sent through youravon.com. So make sure to get people’s email address when asking for their contact information. They can unsubscribe if they choose but they can’t choose if you do not put their email information in. Check out Using Avon Web Office to Manage Your Online Business to learn how to set up your email center. 


TIP: Do you have multiple social media accounts that you want to advertise your Avon business on? I know I spent a good chunk of time each day on sharing my business on all of my social media accounts until I learned about Buffer from Emily Seagren. Buffer is an online tool for you to use that can schedule posts & videos to your social media accounts for FREE. You then can see all in one place the feedback from likes, comments & shares for all of your posts. This can help you see what posts work best on what social media platform.

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Self Made Advertisements

This is where your creativity can come in handy & even if you don’t think you are creative, you can still accomplish many of my suggestions. Most important thing to remember when you are making your own advertisements is that there is some way to contact you, even if you just put your e-Store website down.


  • Create flyers on your computer or handwritten (make sure it’s neat). You can create flyers to post on bulletin boards at stores & restaurants. You can even ask your local convenience store if you can post a flyer up (many tape flyers on their windows or doors). Check out my blog, Avon Flyers, for a variety of flyers you can use. 
  • Advertise on your car with window markers or window decals. You can get markers you can use on your car windows at your local dollar store in a variety of colors & write something simple like “Buy or Sell Avon at ….”.  You can also purchase a window decal from Town & Country in Avon Advantage on youravon.com. Where ever you drive you will be advertising your business & let people know there is an Avon Representative in their neighborhood!
  • Make your own business cards. Use business card template on your word processor or find a template online with business card paper you can buy from an office store & make business cards for a fraction of the price. You can hand them to people you meet in your daily life or you can place them at your local realtors office and other businesses. You can also take advantage of Avery formats found in Avon Advantage on youravon.com for a personalized business card.

TIP: Do a google search or go on Pinterest for ideas on what you are looking to do or create & see what other Avon Representatives have done. I’ve even used ideas from other direct selling companies. Personalize it & make it your own so it fits you & your business. You’d be amazed on how many ideas you can find from other successful Avon Representatives.

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Starting an Avon Business on a Budget Tip #6: Getting Customer Referrals

Your customers can be a great avenue to look for new customers & recruits. Offering referral programs to your customers will benefit not only you but them as well. If your customer loves your customer service they will be happy to help you grow your business, especially if you provide a way for them to save money with their Avon orders or give them a “Thank You” gift.


Refer a Friend

Through out the year I offer my customers Refer-A-Friend promotional offers. Each time I do, I get new customers. You do not need to have an extravagant program. Offering a small discount on orders will do the trick. Remember, with gaining a new customer order, it will in the end be profitable. One of my first promotional offers was a Refer-A-Friend & I ended up getting two new Avon Helpers (I’ll explain next) & doubled my customer base in just two campaigns.

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Avon Helper

If you have a customer that constantly brings you referrals or if you know someone that works in an office setting, beauty salon or a place where they can get a bunch of customer orders, you can offer them to be your Avon Helper. Your helper will collect orders & payments to hand in to you, then you will place the order & deliver them to your helper who will deliver the orders to the correct customer. For their assistance, you offer a discount or FREE products based on the total orders they give you. This is a great way to grow your Avon business without you having to spend money out of pocket.

For more information about being an Avon Helper, check out my blog Avon Helper Savings Program

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Final Thought…

When you are running a business it is important to know that you will have to invest some money in your business. However, you do not have to spend a whole bunch of money when starting an Avon business. That is one of the many benefits of joining Avon as an Avon representative. Remember, when you are on a budget (or even if you are not), it’s all on where you spend your money & how you use what you have invested in.

You can earn a lot of money as an Avon Representative thanks to Avon’s no earnings cap. However, it is not going to just come out of nowhere. Just like any business, you need to put the work into it. So, stick with it & don’t stop believing in yourself & your business. The key to any successful Avon business is determination-

“If there is a will, there is a way”.

TIP: Keep making goals for yourself no matter how small they are. When you know what you are working towards, you are able to focus more on what needs to get done. Once you’ve reached one goal, set another one. You are in control of your business & the success you can get from it.

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How to Start an Avon Business on a Budget

You can start your very own Avon business when you become an Avon representative by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

At that time you will be able to choose from 3 starter kits starting at $25. Each kit will have everything you need to start your very own Avon business including brochures, full size products, samples, recruiting information & more. You can learn how to use your chosen starter kit to start a successful Avon business at Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Starter Kit Tips for New Representatives.

best_with_the_-best_avonTo learn more about starting your own Avon business, check out Sell Avon: How to Start & Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Starter Kit Tips for New Representatives.

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