Avon Mom Tip: Customer Service Programs for Your Home Business

Providing customer service when you are working any business is very important. The best advertisement a business can get is through word of mouth. When people think of your company or your business, you want them to think of you. With so many different businesses, direct sellers & companies out there now, this point is more important then ever.

Providing customer service programs is a great way to make you different from the rest. It will also provide your customers an opportunity to save money & provide them reasons why their friends & family will want to go to you for whatever your business is all about.

I have come across many ideas in my research from other businesses & direct sellers. When choosing services & programs to offer, I kept in mind all of my customers and tweaked them to what works for my business & my customers. You will find some of my customer service activities below that can be helpful for a variety of direct selling companies, not just for Avon. All you have to do is take the main idea & determine the details that fit your business & your customers.

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Customer Appreciation Programs

One thing I have learned about customers since I began my own business is that when a customer is satisfied with your service, he/she will be loyal. To show my appreciation, here are a few ways I show my customers how much I do appreciate the business. 



Monthly raffles are a great idea for any direct seller to use in their business. It encourages customers to order & let’s face it, who doesn’t like to participate in a raffle for a chance to win free stuff?!?

You can run a monthly raffle in a variety of ways which is why it is such an amazing tool for direct sellers to use! If a monthly raffle is not feasible, you can do other forms of a raffle, such as a seasonal raffle, a special holiday raffle or just for just period of time. Prizes don’t have to be expensive on the behalf of the business owner/direct seller. Giving a special coupon or gift certificate as a prize is just as good, plus prizes like this will encourage the winning customer to do more business with you so they can use their prize!

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It is important to show your customers appreciation. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business or be able to do what you are doing. There are 3 ways you can accomplish this:

  1. Having a Customer Appreciation Day, Week or Month where you offer a special discount to those who do business with you during that time.
  2. Giving them a holiday gift like free product, gift certificate, discount or unique gift
  3. For your loyal customers, acknowledging him/her on their birthday or anniversary such as sending a card or offering a special discount for that month.

Regardless of how or what you give away to your customers, doing little treats during the holidays, birthdays or special occasions show your customers you care about them & appreciate them. Who doesn’t like to be appreciated?

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Regardless of what business you have, having a special VIP club for your loyal customers is a great way to make them feel special & for you to show your appreciation. You can have clubs around popular products that are bought from your business, like a Lipstick Club or Jewelry Club. You can also just have a plain ole “Loyalty” Club, where after so many orders have been placed or after so much money has been spent, he/she will receive a prize or discount.

With these clubs, you can go above & beyond by offering special privileges. For example, do a newsletter where they can be in the know of the hottest products or sales before anyone. You can offer a special privilege like receiving a discount when a new product comes out or be able to order a new product before anyone else.

Think about the reward clubs you belong to, like your grocery store, your favorite clothes store, the airline companies. What ideas can you incorporate into your business?

Image result for loyalty club cards
Refinery 29’s The Smart Girl’s Guide to Loyalty Programs

Everyone loves to feel special & these special VIP clubs are a great motivation for customers to continue purchasing from you so they can continue to receive more & more prizes/discounts & enjoy the perks of being VIP.

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Product Information Services

Consumers are very loyal to what products & brands they use. As a business owner, this loyalty can be helpful or hurtful. When a customer is loyal to your brand/product, then you will reap all the benefits of that loyalty, however, when a customer is loyal to another brand/product & isn’t willing to try yours, this is where it can be damaging towards your sales. As a direct seller, it is very important to know your products so you can inform your customers of what products you have so you know what will be the best to meet their needs. You also want to find ways for your customers to try these products. In having your customers try something for free or at a minimal cost, this will encourage them to give your product a chance. Most customers do not want to take the chance in purchasing something & not know if they will like it or not, especially if they are all ready using a product they like.


As a direct seller, one of the most important skills you could have is being able to get people to try new things. Samples are a great tool to use to bring in new customers and/or to have your customers try something new. Offering a sample club allows people to try your product without the pressure of having to buying the product, I do recommend though that your sample club is worth the cost to run it. Having the members complete a review or provide an opinion about the product provides a way for you to learn more about the product & who it will be be best for. Having members provide a review also gives them a reason to try the product. Make sure to encourage them to be honest. You don’t want them to feel like they can only give you positive reviews. Hearing the negative is even more helpful then just the positive.

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One way to teach customers about your product is by offering a FREE consultation. This will give you the opportunity to teach the customer about the product, how to use it & the benefits he/she will receive from it. This will give the customer the opportunity to learn what product(s) is best for him/her & how to use it correctly in order to get the best results. I recommend offering consultations for FREE because this allows the customer to feel more comfortable in asking without feeling like they have to invest in the product if they decide at the end it’s not for them.

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Offering customers a chance to check out your business in person or through a special event is a great way to attract attention to your business & your product. This is really important especially for those who are in direct selling or those who do not have an actual store front.


Growing up I remember home parties were all the rave, but now the hottest trend is having what they call a Facebook Party. Basically what you do is create an event page on Facebook & invite guests. A lot of direct sellers use this method as a way to not only be able to reach a whole new group of potential customers, but also by providing a way for the current customer to earn a discount on their order. What you would do is have your customer be the “host” of the party. He/She would invite their Facebook friends to the event page. Then based on the party total, he/she will earn a discount on their party order. During the party, you as the party coordinator, will inform the guests about your company/business, offer special deals or sales & play games through out the party to keep it fun & entertaining. There is no one set format on how a Facebook party or even a Home party is done. Do your research & have fun with it!

To learn more about doing Facebook parties, click here

Another way to offer an opportunity to share your business is by doing events. Whether it is by doing an event at a local fair or by doing an event on your own like an Open House. The whole point of this activity is to share you business with new people so you can grow your customer base & if applicable grow your leadership team.

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Customer Referral Programs

One of the best & easiest ways to grow your business is through word of mouth, referrals. When a friend or family refers us to a new product or brand, we are more likely to check it out or try it because someone we know & trust recommends it. He/She wouldn’t recommend it if they didn’t think we would like it, right?



One way to gain new customers or team members is by creating some sort of Refer-a-Friend program. Think about it, how likely are you to refer someone to a brand, product or business that you love, especially when you know you will receive a discount or free gift when you do it. You have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes & figure out what would get you to want to refer a friend or family member to a product? Then create a referral program that would motivate you if you were a consumer of your business.

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Be My Holiday Helper

One way to get new customers & grow your business is by asking those you know or your established customers for help like through a “Helper” program. When I began my Avon business, I asked a few of my friends & family to help me out by sharing their brochure at work. As a result, I began receiving new customers every campaign. Within a few months I was selling over $400 a campaign & had a solid foundation for a customer base. As a reward & to show my appreciation for helping me out, I gave my “helpers” a discount on their order based on the orders they gave me. I always recommend this program to new representatives who join my team. I tell them to ask their friends & family because even if they may not be interested in purchasing from them, they may know some people who are and usually they will want to help & support you. This is something you can offer to your established customers all year round or just during the holiday season. This is especially a great opportunity to offer those who may be looking for a way to save money on their purchases from you.

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Having a “sub seller” is similar to a helper, however, a sub seller would purchase the materials & business tools they use. Basically they are your sub contractor. As a reward for their work, they would receive a percentage of the profit. This is a great way for those who are looking to sell a certain amount or wanting to reach a sales goal for whatever reason. This is beneficial for those who may not want to help you or earn money, but for whatever reason, don’t want to join your company. I personally have never done this type of program, but I know many other direct sellers who do this with a lot of success. This program I feel is more for those who are more established & can afford to share the profit. If you are just starting out, this will most likely not be the best choice because you will most likely be using a portion of your profit to invest back into your business, not to put in someone else’s pocket.

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One great way to gain new customers & to show that you are a respectable member of your community is by offering a way for people to raise funds or by participating in a local fundraiser. Fundraisers are a great way to get your business/company name attached to a good cause.


Offering a way for people to do a fundraiser with your company or products, is a great way to attract new customers. When you have a successful fundraiser, you can easily double or triple your business in a short period of time. Though this can be a quick way to grow your business, fundraisers are not easy. They are a lot of work to do & not something that is easily attained. When you do come across a fundraiser opportunity, however, if you do right, you will gain new customers, recruits & have a developed relationship with the organization/person so the next time they need to raise money, they will contact you.

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By participating in a fundraiser, you are attaching your name/business to a good cause. People enjoy seeing local business owners be a positive influence in their community. You can participate in a fundraiser by making a donation, like a monetary donation or products they can use in raffle/to sell. Regardless of how you participate in a fundraiser, it’s always a good thing, as a business owner & human being, to help your community & those less fortunate.

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